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bbi-2022-02-The magic under the crust

The trend for artisan quality brings forth a wealth of delightful, premium breads and baguettes, with texture and flavor characteristics nothing short of magic. It takes exact science and technology to perfect the process, however. Dedicated lines preserve the tradition of the technique with increased process efficiency.

The ingredients and the process combined make a baguette ‘premium’. It all starts with highly hydrated, fermented dough, to ensure the development of strong aromas. The dough is then molded and baked, either on trays or on the hearth, for an even more ‘artisan’ look. Scoring also contributes to this look, as well as various seeds or flour toppings, which will not only make the breads look premium, but will also add to their taste and texture experience. The baking process is responsible for perfecting the open honeycomb structure of the crumb and the crust thickness, both sought-after characteristics in premium breads and baguettes.