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bbi-2022-03-A strong Synapse to AI baking

Innovation in Artificial Intelligence algorithms can be applied to baking processes for improved results. AI’s ability to learn and auto-learn makes it particularly resourceful to increase process efficiency and seamlessly handle a great variety of products by identifying the sets of features to be controlled.

Quality control is one of the areas in which Artificial Intelligence can make a difference in bakeries. It can contribute to greatly improving product quality and productivity: such smart vision inspection systems are flexible enough to be able to adapt to changes that occur during production. Moreover, the algorithm ensures that every single product is inspected, with no exceptions. It has the ability to do this for production speeds of up to 12,000 products per minute, then generate data and reports. To achieve this, multiple measurements are made simultaneously, while the line is operating at full speed. Non-compliant products are at the same time removed.