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bbi-2022-04-A guide to IBIE’s exhibition stands (MIWE excerpt)

As the highly-anticipated Baking Expo is approaching, exhibitors are preparing their stands to once again welcome visitors to the trade fair in Las Vegas. We asked some of the industry’s big players for a glimpse into the novelties we can expect. Here are some of the stands worth exploring, listed by booth numbers.

Booth 4471 – MIWE

MIWE will highlight a wide range of baking oven technology, ranging from all-around deck ovens for artisan baking and in-store usage, to rack ovens and flexible solutions, combining deck and convection ovens on a small footprint. MIWE will also be exhibiting bakery refrigeration solutions such as the fully automatic proofing unit MIWE GVA.
Two different rack ovens will be showcased at the MIWE booth at IBIE, focusing on the MIWE roll-in e+ in its newest version. “It is a rack oven for bakers valuing efficiency, consistency, quality and energy efficiency with new functions for wider product variety, better servicing and new connectivity features,” MIWE explains. The MIWE roll-in stands out with several innovative features, especially for industrial and semi-industrial bakers. In addition, MIWE will exhibit the rack oven MIWE orbit, the choice for small and large bakehouses and market bakeries.
The all-rounder MIWE condo deck oven will also be presented: electrically heated, with a gentle baking atmosphere; it can be used for a wide range of products, from pastries to bake-rolls, or artisan bread. The MIWE backcombi combines convection and deck for maximum flexibility on a very small footprint. It is ideal for small(er) shops and bakers. MIWE econo completes the lineup – a convection oven suitable for point-of-sale baking, ideal for parbaked goods.

The article is part of an extended feature, which was originally published in [BBI 4 – 2022]. Read the full article in the magazine: