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bbi-2022-06-The VACTORR vector
bbi-22-06-Verhoeven-VACTORR A

A game-changer in the baking process. Vacuum cooling and baking is recognized for its benefits, not just in processing speed, but also in stable results for delicate products. Vacuum cooling specialist Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family recently developed three new systems to handle the process.

The principle behind the effectiveness of vacuum cooling and baking is the combination of the final part of baking with the cooling stage in the overall process. This process step is significantly shortened by changing the conditions in the environment: baking-off and cooling are done in just a few minutes instead of hours. To achieve this, the necessary environmental conditions are created in a separate chamber where the products have been moved from the oven, after 60-70% of the total baking time (the exact timing is determined according to each type of product). By lowering the pressure in this chamber with a pump, the boiling point is brought down to just a fraction of the normal boiling point, as low as 7°C, resembling an outer-space-like environment. “By changing the pressure in the chamber, we can manipulate the temperature and the moisturization of the products,” explained Rogier Vos, Commercial Product Group Manager, Vacuum Cooling & Baking Solutions, Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family, at the launching event where the VACTORR was introduced. Very fine steam is immediately created in the product which also contributes to rapid cooling.