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bbi-2022-06-Trays with a mission: cakes

One product, infinite possibilities: cakes come in all shapes and sizes, with unique concepts to mark memorable events or casual experiences. To create the cake that will stand out, the tray is the limit.

 Having a clear idea of the cake ranges on the to-bake list, there are several considerations to help determine the choice of cake pans. American Pan uses its proprietary ePAN aluminized steel together with aluminum to combine the benefits of both materials: it is up to 2.5 times stronger than standard material while weighing less. To optimize their structure design, ePAN cake pans are manufactured with aluminum cups and aluminized steel frames, as aluminum heats and cools faster than aluminized steel, but is not as strong and resistant to damage. However, the ePAN material does also heat and cool faster than standard aluminized steel due to the fact that it has less mass. This characteristic of ePANs, and a very timely one at that, contributes to energy savings at bakeries. Some American Pan customers that use ePANs have reported decreasing baking times up to 45 seconds and decreasing oven temperature by up to 21°C. In one case, a bakery saw nearly 8% energy savings from one year to the next using ePANs.