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Biscuit International launches Easter foam kisses

Paris-headquartered Biscuit International launched a limited edition version of its chocolate kisses for Easter 2024, featuring a velvety foam center nestled atop a crunchy waffle base, enrobed in a white chocolate coating.

The concept of the chocolate kisses is customization for special occasions: they are available in different sizes and coatings and can combine milk, dark and white chocolate varieties in a box. Various colorful decorations can be applied, including chocolate stripes and coconut chips, while the inside can also come in a range of different-colored meringues.

Following the founding merger between Groupe Poult and Banketgroep in 2016 and the recent acquisitions of A&W Feinbackwahren in Germany, Northumbrian Fine Foods in the UK, Stroopwafel & Co in the Netherlands, Arluy in Spain, Aviateur in the Netherlands, Dan Cake in Portugal and (most recently) Continental Bakeries, Biscuit International has become one of Europe’s leading private label biscuit players. The group employs over 4,500 people, generates consolidated sales above EUR 1 billion and produces over 300,000 tons of biscuits, waffles and bread replacement products from 33 factories in Europe. More than 80% of the business is outside of France.

Biscuit International is a Free From Food Awards 2023 winner, with 11 awards, including 1 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze accreditations. The company provides a full range of biscuits and bread substitutes to a wide range of customers and channels around the world, including major retailers, discounters, wholesalers, out-of-home players and co-manufacturing customers.

Photo: Biscuit International