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iba 2023: KEMPF to highlight new-generation trays, pans and coatings

KEMPF is bringing its comprehensive portfolio of trays, pans, coatings and racks to iba – including new product releases. The special trays of its new group member, KeyBAKE, will also be showcased. Together, they can offer the full range of bakeware, said Guido Kempf, KEMPF CEO: “KeyBAKE brings deep knowledge in deep drawn- and special pans like bun trays, cake trays, muffin trays and customized tin sets. This is a very good addition to KEMPF’s portfolio, which includes baguette trays, perforated trays, peelboards, racks and high-performance, non-stick coatings.” 

KEMPF’s most requested products currently include trays and pans for fully automated lines, “lines in very precise and stable execution in combination with the best coating for the job,” Kempf adds.

The company is focusing on current industry trends for its new developments, sustainability included. The new design of its trays and pans supports energy savings. In addition, the new generation of coatings KEMPF developed brings food safety and sustainability benefits, as they are solvent-free and PFAS-free and can be used for a similar number of baking cycles.

“Sustainability starts in our production. Our new plant will be heated without any fossil energy sources. The roof will be covered with more than 9,000 solar panels. For our customers, sustainability means providing trays and pans that can reduce energy consumption in the bakery enormously as well as coatings with lower greasing requirements,” Kempf explains.

Photos: KEMPF