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iba: IPCO highlights new laser belt-cleaning service

IPCO is preparing to showcase its steel belts and complementary equipment at iba this October. Marko Leber, General Product Manager, Food, IPCO, shared with us what visitors can look forward to at the stand and the company’s focus for the upcoming years.

BBI: What are you preparing to exhibit and what new developments are you highlighting at the iba stand in 2023?

Marko Leber: IPCO will be exhibiting under the overarching theme ‘We Love Food’, highlighting the benefits that the company’s steel belts and associated equipment bring to the baking process and the quality of the end product.

The main focus at iba will be the international launch of IPCO’s new laser cleaning service. Making use of high-power laser technology, IPCO has developed a portable system that removes burnt-on residues from bake oven belts significantly faster than other processes and usually enables baking operations to continue uninterrupted on nearby ovens.

With almost 100 years of experience in working within the bakery industry, IPCO’s services range from the supply and installation of solid and perforated steel belts to system consultancy designed to maximize productivity and oven reliability. As part of this, the company’s global service teams can offer a comprehensive range of conveyor components and support end users through planned preventative maintenance.

BBI: What industry trends are you focusing on, this year and beyond?

Marko Leber: Manufacturers of baked products are looking to gain a competitive edge in a number of ways, from product quality to system productivity, and IPCO’s ability to support this by improving the baking process, focusing on hygiene and maximizing overall oven productivity will be a key message.

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue to everyone in the bakery industry and, as well as highlighting the longevity of steel belts – 20-year working life is far from unusual – IPCO will have details of the energy savings that can be achieved using steel belts rather than mesh. The company’s new laser cleaning system also offers environmental benefits by eliminating the use of powerful chemicals.

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Photos: IPCO