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Koenig launches new dividing and rounding solution

Koenig Group introduced a new fully automated machine for dough dividing and rounding in March 2024: the Industrie Rex V AW EC. The system has a dough throughput of 6.5 tons per hour – meaning an hourly output of up to 50,400 pieces per hour in 14-row operation, and features Koenig’s ‘Easy Clean’ design.

“With this innovation, we have built the machine of the future,” says Koenig CEO Hannes Stelzer about the new development.

The new Industrie Rex V AW EC is the most powerful machine to date in Koenig’s portfolio in this equipment category.

It handles weights ranging from 22 to 180g. For changeovers, the weighing chambers are simply switched in and out. The machine achieves a weight accuracy of +/-1%, depending on the dough.

The Easy Clean (EC) design features:

  • Open design for insights and control of dough processing
  • Complete access to the machine for the first time with a walk-through platform
  • Standard horizontal surfaces beveled at a 45° angle, which reduces the build-up of flour and dough residues
  • The spreading belt can be fully extended
  • The entire line offers ground clearance of at least 250 mm and tool-free release of the belts


Photo: Koenig