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Lesaffre updates yeast education platform

Lesaffre has updated its website, an educational website raising awareness about the benefits of this microorganism for food, including bakery products. This project stems from the observation that yeast remains largely unknown to the general public. The company conducted a study that concluded that only 17% of the people surveyed could even define yeast.

To meet this challenge of raising awareness, offers content translated into four languages and a variety of information. On this site, Lesaffre uses the hashtag “#PoweredByYeast” to illustrate the passion that drives the group’s teams to explore the benefits that yeast brings to the production of many fermented products, particularly in terms of texture, taste and nutritional composition. has been modernized to allow a better flow in the navigation and offers articles ranging from the explanation of the difference between natural baker’s yeast and baking powder, to cooking recipes.

Lesaffre will soon share additional activities and tools in this endeavor. 

“Integrated into the composition of many foods and even in the production of biofuel, yeast is omnipresent in our daily lives. However, it suffers from a great lack of knowledge, even though it is one of the most promising products of the future, particularly in terms of meeting the challenge of tomorrow’s food. With more than 170 years of expertise in this field, Lesaffre has a role to play in raising public awareness of yeast, its benefits, and its decisive role in the fermentation process,” says Thomas Lesaffre, Marketing Director at Lesaffre.

“The potential of yeast is incredible, especially in the field of human health. At Gnosis by Lesaffre, we use its exceptional nutritional composition to improve human health and well-being. Making the benefits of yeast and its many applications known to as many people as possible was the driving force behind this educational website”, says Philippe Caillat, Marketing Director at Gnosis by Lesaffre, Lesaffre’s entity dedicated to human health. 

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