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Lotus Bakeries invests in nutrition bar maker

FF2032, the corporate venture fund behind Lotus Bakeries, announced an investment in IQBAR, a Boston-based food business focusing on better-for-you products founded in 2017. IQBAR’s primary product line is a range of plant-based nutrition bars that support brain function and are keto, paleo-friendly, vegan, and gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/alcohol-free. The IQBARS are available in seven flavors, including blueberry, almond and chocolate sea salt.

Will Nitze, founder and CEO of IQBAR, commented on the acquisition: “I’m elated to have FF2032 joining us as a partner. There are a few companies that run so smoothly across so many international markets while still embracing calculated bets on the future. It’s an honor to be one of those bets!”

Jan Boone, Lotus Bakeries CEO, also said: “Will has created a bar brand that ticks all the boxes in a massive and growing category. So far, IQBAR has already shown good traction with consumers and we have a strong belief the brand will continue to perform strongly.”

Photo credit: IQBAR (Facebook)