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Markel Food Group CFO expands leadership role

Markel Food Group announced its Chief Financial Officer Cindy Yao has expanded her role to also become the executive vice president of the Markel Food Group. In her new role, Yao leads the growth of business and development of the team of AMF China (dba Markel Food Equipment Tianjin), Reading Bakery Systems, and Solbern. The leadership of these companies will report to Yao, who will continue reporting to Chief Executive Officer Ken Newsome.

Additionally, Yao will manage a cross-functional group of Markel Business System (MBS) teammates that support each of the Markel Food Group companies, including AMF Bakery Systems, Reading Bakery Systems, and Solbern. The MBS is the integrated business system that drives the design, management, and continuous improvement of the Group’s business processes and strategic deployment.

The Markel Food Group family of companies includes AMF Bakery Systems, Reading Bakery Systems, and Solbern, specialized in the manufacturing and design of automated food processing equipment for the production of bread, bun, baked snacks, cakes, pizza, pastries, tortillas, and other specialty baking products.

Photo: Markel Food Group