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Puratos launches Sapore Lavida traceable sourdough

Puratos announced the launch of Sapore Lavida, its first completely traceable active sourdough produced in Belgium. The new ingredient is made exclusively with 100% wholewheat flour sourced from regenerative agriculture practices. The new product aims to support bakers across mainland Europe to meet the growing demand for locally produced, sustainably sourced sourdough products. In all applications, Sapore Lavida offers a tangy flavor profile with fruity, balanced lactic and acetic notes, and it enhances fiber content in white bread, Puratos explained.

The launch also marks the start of a collaboration between Puratos and several farming cooperatives, gathering vital insights into regenerative agriculture to help improve sustainability across the wider bakery industry, the ingredient specialist also announced.

The latest addition to Puratos’s Sapore range of sourdough products, Sapore Lavida was created as a result of partnerships with farmers located no further than 200 km from Puratos’s factory. It includes high-quality, regenerative wholewheat flour, sourced through cooperatives including Cultivae and Farm For Good, ensuring a transparent and traceable supply chain from farm to fork, according to Puratos. “By committing to purchase a defined volume of a crop before it is sewn and focusing its own R&D and marketing efforts on products that use regenerative crops, Puratos is ensuring farmers are not only paid fairly for today, but can invest further in regenerative agriculture for tomorrow too,” says Frederik Lievens, Chief Product Officer at Puratos.

Regenerative agriculture is the key to Puratos’s responsible sourcing strategy. This approach to farming can enhance soil health, increase biodiversity, and reduce carbon emissions, contributing to the decarbonization of the food supply chain and aligning with the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature increases below 2°C.

“As consumers become increasingly conscious of the environmental impact their food choices have, we’re leading the way in offering sustainable, high-quality ingredients for the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industries. Sapore Lavida is a prime example of how innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand, allowing bakers to offer consumers products that align with their values and beliefs,” continues Lievens.


Photo: Sapore Lavida field. Credit: Puratos