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Rademaker launches new technology at iba

Rademaker presents production solutions and emerging bakery products at iba 2023, including the new Radini bread line (previously designed for pastries) and a new depositing solution. The Radilinq rack loader & unloader will also be presented. In addition, emerging bakery products and product-shaping demonstrations will also be available.

The bread line showcases the latest execution of the make-up section. Rademaker’s bread rounder is among the highlights on the lie, which can handle long pre-proofed doughs, resulting in rounded artisan breads. It also accommodates firm doughs to create rounded buns. Another highlight of the line is the weighing conveyor. The system combines a weighing system with software algorithms that enable bakeries to accurately control the weight of their end products.

Official launch of the Radini bread line

After the launch in the laminating and pastry/croissant domain, Radini launches its bread line. This modular dough processing line has a capacity ranging from 400 to 1,200 kg of dough per hour. It is capable of handling both firm and soft pre-fermented dough. The Radini bread line is designed for semi-industrial production.

Its modular configuration allows multiple compositions, with a reduced footprint. An optional extension ensures the production of cut products with precise weight control and products in different sizes (ex:  ciabatta). The full option offers various product shapes, such as rolled products. Automated tray loading is available.

New depositing solution

Rademaker’s new depositing unit enables bakeries to produce a wide range of filled products, as it is capable of handling various smooth fillings. It ensures “exceptional accuracy and repeatability, even at high speeds,” Rademaker explains.


Radilinq, specialized in dough handling systems, will present its newly designed rack loader, which will run live demonstrations round the clock. This modular unit can be configured for rack loading, rack unloading, or a combination of both.

The Rademaker bakery experience

The Rademaker bakery experience will highlight the company’s products, combined with product shaping demonstrations.

Photo: Rademaker

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