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Solarbakery debuts solar-powered baking in Germany

The container bakery developed by Solarbakery, exclusively powered by solar electricity, introduced its baking concept to consumers in Germany from June 19 to 24. The bakery made and sold products in Stuttgart’s Schlossplatz on the occasion of the Urban Future Conference. It also offered hands-on sessions about the container bakery concept, which was initially developed for Africa.

Master Baker Daniel Petruccelli baked completely with solar power throughout the event, said Simon Zimmermann, founder and CEO of Solarbakery. 

In addition to the sale of fresh baked goods and drinks, all who were interested to learn about the bakery, including the visitors to the Urban Future Conference, could learn about the operation of an energy-self-sufficient container bakery chain in Senegal.

On June 23, Solarbakery was also included in the official program of the Urban Future Conference with a field trip. Visitors to the event could participate in baking crash courses with master baker Daniel Petruccelli, while learning about the sustainable bakery.

Solarbakery GmbH is a Stuttgart-based startup founded in 2020 producing container bakeries that are energy self-sufficient. This is a project intended for Southern-hemisphere regions, particularly useful for places with no immediate access to a power grid, making Africa a prime beneficiary.

The container bakeries produce high-quality baked goods, support local value chains and create up to 100 jobs per bakery. The company aims to operate 30 solar bakeries in Senegal by 2025.

Photo: Solarbakery