20 Feb: Sustainable baking: flatbreads

Flatbreads contribute significantly to the sustainability of food systems. They can be made from various cereals, pseudocereals, or pulses, promoting the use of local produce from marginal lands. Their short baking times, which can even eliminate the need for an oven, reduce energy consumption. Additionally, their ability to wrap around food or serve as utensils lessens the need for tableware and saves water.


26 Apr: Olyra Foods secures Bimbo Ventures funding

Bimbo Ventures, the venture capital arm of Grupo Bimbo, made a minority investment in Olyra Foods, a producer of organic and nutritional breakfast biscuits made with stone-milled ancient Greek grains. The funding will help Olyra Foods further expand its presence in retail and online marketplaces. Olyra biscuits are available online as well as in over 5,000 retail locations in the US.