07 Mar: Easy as pie: AMF Bakery Systems automated lines for pies

The automated line designed by AMF Tromp can flexibly support a wide range of pies, either savory or sweet, in a baking tray, in foils, or in paper cups. They can bake the pie shells only, pies with the top opened or closed and pies with or without a lattice decoration. For (pre-)baking the pies, AMF recommends a Den Boer Multibake tunnel oven with impingement heating or a direct-fired system.


03 Jan: Royal Smilde installs AMF pastry line

Royal Smilde is known for its rich diversity of sweet and savory baked creations. Either sold under its own labels, through collaborations, or as private labels, the products made by the Dutch bakery are in growing demand worldwide. A very flexible production line helped them increase production volumes, built by AMF Bakery Systems (Tromp). Particular care was given to automating apple turnover production, namely – dough folding into a triangle.