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Waitrose delists entire Warburtons range

Waitrose supermarket removed all Warburtons products from its shelves, citing that product performance issues, according to reports. In response, Warburtons issued a statement highlighting the quality of their products, a first priority for the bakery.

“We stopped selling Warburtons products a year ago after their performance didn’t meet our expectations. We focus on fantastic products at great value that our customers love and we remain open to working with Warburtons in the future,” WalesOnline quoted Waitrose.

The bakery’s statement read: “At Warburtons, quality is paramount. We put an awful lot of care into the two million products we bake and deliver to over 19,000 stores across the country every single day. […] We know that consumers recognize the quality, and value of our products and that is why we are the number one bakery brand in the UK. It is a shame that Waitrose chose to delist us last year and we would of course love to be back on their shelves in the future.”

Photo: Warburtons social media