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Zero Carb Company partners with Grupo Bimbo

Zero Carb Company, a gluten-free, zero-carb bread startup company, announced a partnership with Grupo Bimbo, active in more than 34 different countries. Zero Carb Company spent five years in R&D for a tasty, gluten-free, carbohydrate-free bread range. These breads are high in protein and dietary fiber, offering a healthy option for consumers seeking a gluten-free, reduced carbohydrate, or keto diet. It can now tap into Bimbo’s R&D capabilities and footprint, through the partnership. Developing new products for specific geographic markets is also in focus, Zero Carb Company details.

Zero Carb Company is a joint venture startup of Wiltink, a Dutch baking company in its third generation of ownership and BOX NV, a Wageningen venture builder specializing in startups.

Wiltink will be the first licensee for the Benelux countries, using their YAM Keto brand.

Roel Orsel, CEO of ZCC, comments: “ZCC bread aims at reattracting consumers to the bread category, now a tasty gluten-free, zero-carb bread is available. I can say with my more than 30 years of experience in the profession that it is the most profound paradigm-changing development in the bread category I have seen in years”.

Photo: Left to right: Bert Tournois and Rasit Görgülü, BOX, Jannouk Friesen-Wiltink en Jacob Friesen,Wiltink, and Roel Orsel, CEO, Zero Carb Company (ZCC)