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AMF hydrogen oven wins two innovation awards

AMF Bakery Systems won two innovation awards within one month for its Multibake VITA tunnel oven by Den Boer, at CFIA and Sirha Europain, both held in March. Journalists and professional jury members ranked the hydrogen tunnel oven as the best equipment innovation of this year.

Sales director France, Eric Tellier received the first award at CFIA Rennes, held March 8-10. In this competition, he did an extensive product presentation before the jury, which selected the Multibake VITA on their shortlist of potential candidates for the award. The innovation award was granted for Den Boer’s vision on the future of emission-free baking solutions for bakeries and the sustainability aspects of the oven.

Europain then granted an innovation award for the hydrogen oven as well, during the event held in Paris from March 26 to 29.  At the award ceremony, the use of green hydrogen, technical know-how and a market-driven sustainable solution were praised for Den Boer’s innovation. Tellier received this award on behalf of AMF in Paris, too. “A true future-proof development in bakery equipment that will bring zero-emission baking, with green hydrogen and investment for decades to come,” he said at the award ceremony.

The tunnel oven for food producers and industrial bakeries is available at AMF Den Boer, combined with new smart and digital services to obtain the best baking results with energy efficiency.

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