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baking+biscuit issue 2020-04

Olivier Sergent, President and CEO of the Mecatherm Group, discusses strategy with Baking and Biscuit International’s Dirk Dixon.


WP ROLL is the name of the system consisting of the EVOLUTION bread roll machine and the SOFT STAR CT high-performance dough divider from WP. Production is gentle on the dough, precise and hygienic.

Whether sliced bread rolls, crispy rolls, yeast pastries or rye bread – the König plant manufacturer supplies the appropriate technical equipment for the production of a wide variety of rolls and breads.

For the production of small pastries, the plant manufacturer
Handtmann offers solutions for fully automatic production. The
company promises dough dividing, forming and depositing in one step.

Rademaker’s Industrial Bread Line continues to be successful. So what is their secret?

G/BT GmbH Bakery Technology offers a triple team to gently make up wheat mixed, rye and gluten-free doughs.

Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Biberach/Riss, offers various solutions for the industrial production of toast-bread.

Cake Concepts was established in 2012 and was built on lots of experience. CEO Simon Holl had been working in the industry for many years before starting up Cake Concepts.

Crisis Management

The Micro Croissant® from La Petite Bretonne is the star product in the Canadian bakery’s portfolio. The family-run company from Quebec, established 52 years ago, produces up to 1.2 million Micro Croissants® every day.

At the beginning of 2020, Syntegon Technology became an independent company when it was taken over by an investor from the packaging division of Bosch. bbi talks with Clemens Berger, Managing Director Food, about how the company is focusing on intelligent, sustainable technologies.

Mixing up label rolls in production is every food manufacturer’s nightmare. Visual inspection of the products is time-consuming, personnel-intensive, and still carries the risk of swapped digits or oversights, despite the four-eyes principle.


The coronavirus has led many people to fill their time at home with baking, with searches for baking recipes up 136% between March and June*.

Tins and Trays

American Pan UK is part of the Bundy Baking Solutions group and is a world leader in providing custom and stock baking tins and trays, proprietary coatings and refurbishment services. It is committed to innovation and to providing products to commercial bakeries for guaranteed long-term performance.

Cutting and sclicing

REGO HERLITZIUS offers a combination of the BS 45 belt slicing machine and the Vertec 30 for large bakeries to slice and pack breads.