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baking+biscuit issue 2020-06

The pizza market is growing geographically. At the same time, food trends and nutritional profiles are changing on the traditional markets in North America and Europe.

At iba 2018, Koenig presented the Combiline plus in Easy Clean Design. Now the bakery machine manufacturer is extending the concept to the Combiline roll line.

Many things can be mapped digitally. But not everything! Nothing quite beats the real thing and exchanges between people. After its online trade fair in the summer, the bakery systems manufacturer MIWE therefore decided to organize a “Live Expo” at its headquarters.

Spiral mixer or wendel mixer? The decision as to which kneading system a company invests in is dependent on many influencing factors. The application engineers at Diosna allowed us to look over their shoulders during a series of tests and to document the results.

The bakery plant manufacturer FRITSCH has redesigned the LAMINATOR 300. The sheeting line is even more flexible and gentle in dough treatment.

When Hans Freitag opened his bakery and pastry shop 74 years ago, he had no idea that two generations later his company would develop into one of the largest producers of private label cookies in Europe.

raw materials

What does the market for ancient grains look like? And what impact is the growing health  awareness of consumers having on demand? An interview with Ralph Seibold, Managing Director of SchapfenMühle GmbH & Co KG.

Spelt has been a hot topic for years among nutrition-conscious consumers. The trend towards plant-based food has recently seen a comeback for a special type of spelt – green spelt.


No matter how long and intense the corona crisis is: Business with consumers will never be quite the same again.

Transparency emerges as a clear winner in Innova Market Insights’ Top Ten Trends for 2021.


The use of pomace in bread and bakery products has so far only been used in a few bakeries.  However, the processing of non-dried vegetable pomace has several advantages that offer
promising development potential.