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baking+biscuit issue 2023-01

Widely different concepts, approaches and methods lead to advancing sustainability throughout a company’s operations. For Kwik Lok, sustainable materials used in packaging closures are the immediately visible result of this mindset. And, this priority also influences the process.


The ‘simply unique’ interpack returns after six years of forced absence during the pandemic, with a clear business idea – a renewed hall concept based on clear points of interest for each industry, targeted exhibition areas, new specialty shows and forums.


Managing energy consumption is a growing concern for bakers, in Europe and beyond, now and for the long term. How can equipment help industrial bakery, pastry, and snack manufacturers reduce their energy consumption?

Over the years, advances in continuous mixing have been developed to improve ingredient metering, process controls and include specialized mixer designs and ultra-high capacity mixers. Compared to batch mixing,
such technological developments make continuous mixing a better option than batch mixing, especially so for high-volume production.


Perfecting the recipe and baking are prerequisites for successful products. Next, it is the cutting that adds the final touch to ensure a successful delivery and customer experience, for bakeries of all sizes.

To maximize the benefits of automating bread slicing and bagging, industrial bakeries need to keep their customization options open. Aside from processing speed and reliability, flexible and easy adjustable equipment is a must.


The beginnings of pinsa making go all the way back to the Roman Empire. A fresh new take on the Roman pinsa is now rising to the top among consumer favorites all over the world. Modern techniques and new ingredients are here to help meet production needs.


Margarine has been a key ingredient in fine pastries for decades, with dedicated products being offered for nearly every single application. A potential contender is investigated for its properties in baking: liquid oil.

Eggs are highly functional ingredients and can be difficult to replace, especially by substituting with just a single ingredient. Yet, in the current context, there is a growing interest in doing just that.


Bread has been seeing a return among consumers’ favorites lately. The main obstacles in the way of further market growth still come from the way it is perceived. To educate consumers, a multi-national, targeted campaign addressed the source of the problem. And it works.

Research by Future Market Insights puts the vegan cookies market at USD 359.23 million in 2023 and anticipates it to reach USD 773.31 million by 2033.