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bbi-2023-01-From Europe, with grain

Bread has been seeing a return among consumers’ favorites lately. The main obstacles in the way of further
market growth still come from the way it is perceived. To educate consumers, a multi-national, targeted campaign addressed the source of the problem. And it works.

Bread’s staple role among foodstuffs in Europe remains undeterred. Its image with consumers has received considerable help from communication campaigns, such as those organized by the Dutch and the Belgian bakery sector. The purpose: raising awareness among consumers regarding bread’s nutritional and health benefits, its authenticity value and unique characteristics in terms of sustainability, quality, taste, diversity and traditions. This follows the first bread campaign, which saw good results in tackling the issue of decades-long declining bread sales. “Secondly, we learned that, besides quantitative goals, we need to work more on qualitative goals such as awareness,” says Linda van Zonsbeek, Specialist in Nutrition & Health at the Dutch Bakery Center (NBC).