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baking+biscuit issue 2023-02

Sustainability is the underlying theme of interpack and a core trend in baking and confectionery. It is no longer “an add-on, but is increasingly becoming a duty”, Thomas Dohse, interpack Director, tells baking+biscuit international, in an interview before interpack 2023.

As preparations are in full swing for interpack 2023, exhibitors share solutions they are focusing on, information about new technologies that bakers can see at the show, as well as their views on the trade show and the industry.

Pies, cakes, donuts

Sweet or savory, pies are a perennial favorite among consumers. Highly specialized production lines are developed to ensure production meets quantity as well as quality needs, efficiently. They are also designed to be operated with ease and safety.

Consumers across Europe are embracing American sweet bakery favorites, donuts included. This growing demand is met with ingredient solutions that can help formulate popular choices – from blondies to New-York-style cheesecakes and peanutbutter fillings – and any number of trendsetting creations inspired by America’s darling flavors.

Each process stage, from mixing to creating the dough band and donut shapes, through to baking, contributes to their final quality. It also holds opportunities to optimize production, such as correctly introducing re-work dough into production, for semi-automated and fully-automated operations.


Cleaning is an essential aspect of belt maintenance. It is important in terms of complying with food regulations as well as ensuring visually appealing baked goods. Looks are not everything, though: clean belts also guarantee product safety, for every production run.

There are clear requirements for the proofing process. The dough may be resting, but its transformation process does nothing but rest. The question is, always, how to improve the process? Technology brings new answers.

Hygiene priorities ruled the drawing board for new equipment revisions at SOLLICH. The Thermo-Flow® cooling tunnel debuts a wheel-out heat exchanger, to allow the operator to clean it easily and thoroughly. Efficient cleaning is an improved feature we will find on numerous SOLLICH machines this year, most of which are to be unveiled at interpack.

Packaging special

Packaging affects the state of the product throughout the supply chain. Identifying the best packaging process and materials ensures all types of baked goods make it from plant to table, exactly as intended. A thorough checklist is necessary to back these choices.

For sensitive products such as cookies, the journey from the oven all the way to the primary packaging machine can be quite a long and arduous one. The longer the transportation belt, the higher the risk for cookies to bump together and break. However, manufacturers can counteract product loss by investing in gentle handling solutions.


Wooden Bakery of Lebanon has maintained the product quality its customers are accustomed to, throughout several, sometimes overlapping challenges over the years. To cope with the latest struggles due to material availability, the use of flour and dough rheology technologies has helped the business manage flour quality.


Europeans are returning to their bakery favorites. The market is steadily growing and should exceed pre-pandemic levels by 2026. However, the new patterns symbolize not only growth but also change, as foodservice bounces back and retail strengthens its hold.


Setting a sustainability strategy requires a holistic approach.


The safety of food products is of critical importance to all businesses within their supply chain. It is also a topic that is fast-moving, complex and one of the most challenging aspects of manufacturing food or food ingredients.


Dawn Foods took mentorship a step beyond and established a sponsorship project for the women in its ranks, called the Women’s Leadership Development Program. The HR initiative pairs employees up with one another to help advance women’s career paths at Dawn.