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bbi-2022-05-Second chance for leftover bread

By Helga Baumfalk

The name is well chosen. ‘Heldenbrot’ (Hero Bread) is the label under which the start-up Kultimativ gives leftover bread a second chance by processing it into cookies or other products. And the consumer also feels good from being a ‘food savior’.

Janine Trappe and Felix Pfeffer founded their company based in Constance in 2017. Since then, they have been, in their own words on a ‘bread-saving mission’. Since then, 180,000 kg of leftover bread have been saved from destruction and instead turned into bread dumplings, noodles, bread crunchies, bread balls* and, more recently, cookies. ‘Food upcycling’ is the name they have given to what they do.