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bbi-2023-04-iba summer is here!

We are just one summer away from the most anticipated bakery event of the hemisphere. With planning in full swing, Susann Seidemann, Exhibition Director, iba, shares the organizer’s insights into preparations, logistics, guides and tips ahead of the October 22-26 show.

Baking+Biscuit International (BBI): At the start of an ‘iba summer’, what preparations are now underway? Please highlight the organization’s current work in the lead-up to the fair.
Susann Seidemann: Preparations for iba started about two years before the start of the fair. Over 95% of the space has already been booked and most exhibitors have already registered. However, potential exhibitors can still sign up before the fair starts, although, we recommend registering by August at the latest, due to the organizational time involved. During the summer, we are focusing on exhibitor support and any questions they have about their presence at iba, visitor communication and the highlights for visitors. The main issues are the framework program, lectures, speakers and also the Oktoberfest tent. We are also dealing with organizational details for the competitions and special areas such as the iba.START UP AREA and the iba.SPEAKERS AREA.