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Croatian bakery Boogie Lab expands to North America

Croatian craft bakery Boogie Lab is launching Boogie Lab USA and Boogie Bakery, the company’s first US-based micro bakery opening in spring 2024. Specialties sold will include sourdough-based breads, pastries and sandwiches. Distribution is set to begin in April.

Founded by Karlo Vulin and Mladen Vidović, Boogie Lab has a unique approach to sourdough fermentation, combining artificial intelligence with traditional techniques. Dennis Turcinovic, the co-owner of Delmonico’s restaurant in New York City, led the Boogie Lab’s North America expansion. As co-founder of Boogie Lab USA, Turcinovic will oversee all US operations, including the opening of the first Boogie Bakery next to Delmonico’s on Beaver Street, with the restaurant being the first in North America to serve Boogie Lab bread.

“With years of artisan practices, and a background in food science, our team has developed proprietary technology that will allow us to become the first scalable artisan bakery,” said Karlo Vulin, co-founder of Boogie Lab. “What makes our bread so revolutionary is that we intertwine the power of nutrition with the power of technology. By using artificial intelligence, we ensure our baking methods produce distinct bread that is perfectly baked every time. We use only three ingredients to craft bread that is both minimally processed and easy to digest.”

Boogie Lab’s approach also paves the way for fully automatic production lines, allowing the company to scale rapidly.

Photo: Karlo Vulin. Credit: Boogie Lab USA

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