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Koenig dismisses CEO, changes management

The Helmut Koenig Private Foundation’s Board of Directors unanimously decided to reorganize the management and dismissed Wolfgang Staufer as CEO, in agreement with the Koenig family. This move is in anticipation of future challenges facing the Group, the company explained in an announcement. Managing Director Hannes Stelzer is taking over the management of Koenig Maschinen GmbH as well as the Koenig Group International, the company added.

Klaus Gasser, head of finance and human resources at Koenig for many years, joins Hannes Stelzer in the management of Koenig Maschinen with immediate effect.

“The Board of Directors of the Koenig Group thanks Mr Staufer for his personal commitment, his willingness to travel worldwide and his dedication in leading the company through numerous challenges and wishes him all the best for his professional and private future,” the announcement said.

The Koenig Group has a total of around 700 employees, 250 of whom work at the headquarters in Graz. With a worldwide network of sales partners and subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Finland, the Netherlands and the USA, Koenig achieves an export quota of around 90%.

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