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baking+biscuit issue 2021-01

Fedima, the Federation of European Manufacturers and Suppliers of Ingredients to the Bakery, Confectionary and Patisserie Industries, has been conducting a campaign to promote and increase sourdough awareness among industry members and consumers. Fedima’s president, Johan Sanders, reveals the concept, execution, and impact of the campaign based on an in-house consumer study.


baking+biscuit international asked manufacturer of in-store ovens how the pandemic is affecting their sales and what direction the technology is taking.


Better baking for biscuits and cookies means matching the intended baking curve of the product, stage by stage, consistently and efficiently. With its Emithermic oven, Reading Bakery Systems provides complete control over five baking parameters that create a more balanced bake.

At its site in Poland, free-from specialist Ultrapharm creates gluten-free bakery products and continuously adds to its high-quality product range. Since September 2019, the company has been doing so with the help of a new M-TA oven by MECATHERM.


COVID-19 affected the ways companies pack their products, organize operations and run their facilities. It also caused an increase in demand for industrial pre-packaged bakery products, and sustainable ones. A major step towards more sustainable packaging is enhancing its recyclability.

New raw materials

As gluten-free bakery is decisively increasing its foothold into the mainstream market, growing by about 25% each year, research seeks to improve product taste, texture and nutritional profiles. In the absence of gluten, this has been a challenge. It takes exact science and                    technology to define and improve digestive wellness.


By means of invasive mechanical and electrical impulses, the dough resting time of wheat doughs after mechanical energy input can be drastically shortened and dough properties equivalent to those of rested doughs can be achieved quickly in seconds.


Consumers have been increasingly opting for healthier versions of their favorite baked snacks, a trend that boosts sales across flavor categories, from sweet to savory. After a year that saw a reevaluation of entire supply chains, the use of ethical, health and dietary claims in Sweet and Savory Biscuits in Western Europe is more important than in any other region worldwide, Euromonitor finds.

2020 was the year of baking bread. When COVID-19 put the world on lockdown, panicked consumers stocked up on flour and yeast and started kneading. As a result, baking staples saw exponential growth, with sales of baking yeast up 457%, baking powder up 178% and flour up 155%, over the previous year ending March 28, 2019, according to Nielsen data.