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AMF brings sustainability innovation to iba

At iba 2023, AMF Bakery Systems showcases solutions that support sustainable baking, including oven technology and smart services. New developments for bread lines, pizza systems and soft bread and bun production will also be presented.

The company is preparing to exhibit its newest technology in Munich this October, reflecting its approaches to sustainability innovation. AMF ovens will present different solutions for sustainable baking, from its award-winning hydrogen-powered oven, to a suite of electric and hybrid ovens that can help bakeries transition from fossil fuels to greener options. These can be optimized with AMF’s data-driven, smart and digital services, the Sustainable Oven Service, which can provide real-time insights into the baking process and setting recommendations based on the detailed data collected. Using this service, “gas consumption can be lowered by up to 20%,” illustrates Lex van Houten, Regional Marketing Manager, AMF Bakery Systems.

The company will also present its latest hygiene improvements for sheeted bread lines, incorporating “The new sanitary design and revolutionary new features for stress-free, gentle dough sheeting, reduction and handling of highly-hydrated doughs,” the specialist reveals.

For the production of breads and buns, AMF will present high-speed solutions for high-capacity production, as well as entry-level solutions for bakeries taking their first steps to increase their automation, while still relying on bakers’ craft skills for parts of the manufacturing process.

Events at the stand

Lex van Houten, Regional Marketing Manager, AMF Bakery Systems

The stand will include daily live demonstrations run by an award-winning Master Baker team, which will showcase the pizza topic lines, product handling and conveying systems, including robotics, high-speed slicing and bagging, and the Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) for fermentation rooms.

Every unit, line and system will be supported with video guides, as the specialists explain the features and latest developments.

Van Houten anticipates: “Every day will be special at iba, with barista coffee, fresh bread and snacks throughout the day for our guests! In addition, we have some special announcements, but more details will be revealed later, before iba starts.”

Lights-out bakery journey

For this year and beyond, priorities at AMF revolve around sustainability – energy transitioning and savings, becoming CO2 neutral, baking sustainably, baking with green resources such as electricity and hydrogen – as well as related services. The company also addresses labor scarcity with its automated solution designs.

Designing hygienic solutions is also a target, which translates into equipment that is easy to clean and can be cleaned wet. Changeovers are also designed to be made fast and without the need for tools, to eliminate contamination risks.

And, in line with AMF’s ‘lights-out bakery’ vision, the company is also focusing on system integration – integrating systems into a single control system with a unifying HMI, to support operators and line managers.

Research and development priorities

Going forward, AMF is focusing on energy transitioning, counting toward sustainable development goals for the industry. The solution specialist is also working on becoming more sustainable itself. For example, through its Global Footprint Initiative, AMF is planning to produce and deliver more locally, while also lowering its emissions.

Having in mind the scarcity of human resources, automation is also high on AMF’s R&D list. The specialist comments: “With fewer people around to do the work, what can we automate? AMF has solutions today, but as a system integrator, we will cover the whole bakery soon.”

AMF Bakery Systems’ iba stand: C2 / 110

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Photo: The New AMF tromp breadline will make its debut at iba (pictured). Credit: AMF Bakery Systems