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baking+biscuit issue 2022-04
In the spotlight

FRITSCH was acquired by the MULTIVAC group and with that it joined a network of resources helping it thrive. These include everything from R&D to day-to-day operations, with the information exchange going both ways. Guido Spix, Group President, MULTIVAC and Frank Gabriel, Managing Director, FRITSCH explain how the companies help each other to grow together.

IBIE 2022 Special

After unprecedented disruptions in the industry, anticipation is high for the industry to return to the Baking Expo, which will showcase new consumer, technology and business trends.

As the highly-anticipated Baking Expo is approaching, exhibitors are preparing their stands to once again welcome visitors to the trade fair in Las Vegas. We asked some of the industry’s big players for a glimpse into the novelties we can expect. Here are some of the stands worth exploring, listed by booth numbers.


Under the current circumstances, it has never been more important to look into ways to increase efficiency in bakeries, starting with their centerpiece: the tunnel oven. Mindful technology innovation is here to provide benefits in efficiency and sustainability. Baking a vast range of high-quality products is only the start of what cutting-edge tunnel ovens can do.

Koenig has recently developed a scoring unit powered by Artificial Intelligence, with the help of 3D scanners and cameras. It is an all-in-one solution for small and medium-sized bakeries.

Having the right coating for the product, the process and the pan goes a long way to obtaining perfectly baked products for longer, while optimizing costs.

The consistency of perfectly formed dough depends entirely on the conditions during fermentation. DIOSNA develops pre-dough and dough fermentation systems that can ensure required parameters, with various degrees of automation.


The activities of various exogenous enzymes in baked products were systematically analyzed from dough
preparation, through the baking process and into storage. The texture analysis methods that were developed allowed the events occurring during the development of firmness in the wheat crumb to be differentiated into processes taking place before or after baking. The presence of the enzyme preparations examined during the project showed no detectable functional effects during storage in the crumb that was already formed, due to either previous inactivation or a lack of functionality in the end product.

To achieve net-zero, it is necessary to manage the complete life cycle of products by considering and calculating all emissions along the chain, both to and from the atmosphere.


Pizza and flatbreads. Naan and wraps. Pitas and handheld snacks. This is a generous and exciting product range, with ample space for new innovations. AMF Bakery Systems (AMF) designs complete systems that support all of them, with results matching artisan craft.


südback confirms its support for in-person events as preparations are in full swing for this year’s edition, which will be held once again from October 22 to 25. The return of one of Europe’s main industry trade fairs is highly anticipated.

Women in business

Judith van Peij has been with Royal DSM for 10 years, and has been the Innovation Manager for Baking & Confectionery for the past three. She is a food technologist at heart, with a clear vision of managing innovation teams including R&D, operations and commercial.


Today, 72% of consumers are aware of their food wastage; by comparison, this ratio was 33% in 2020, according to a report published by the
Capgemini Research Institute.