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bbi-2022-04-Thinking all around the pizza box

Pizza and flatbreads. Naan and wraps. Pitas and handheld snacks. This is a generous and exciting product range, with ample space for new innovations. AMF Bakery Systems (AMF) designs complete systems that support all of them, with results matching artisan craft.

Either sheeted or pressed, dough pieces will go through the line in a closely controlled process. There are several solutions to choose from, starting with complete pizza production systems, which handle pizza balls, pizza bases, and toppings with complete, dedicated lines, and also include baking and freezing equipment. Almost any kind of pizza can be manufactured with these lines, from thin to thick crust, American or Italian style, to vegan, or gluten-free, and higher rim, for example. Both fresh and frozen pizza can be processed, with the latter having the bigger market share worldwide.