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bbi-2022-05-“There is no limit to future improvements to the IoT platform”

Juri Winkler was recently appointed Sales and Marketing Director of DIOSNA, a LINXIS Group company. He shared with us his views on the current and future direction of the company, the ‘dough experts’, based in Germany, and its latest developments, including a new IoT solution.

Catalina Mihu: Can you give us an overview of DIOSNA’s current work, from working with customers to R&D and consultancy?
Juri Winkler: Our to-do lists are built around serving our customers with our applications and solutions, as well as always keeping an eye on the market, to see what the customers need, not just today and in the near future, but also in the long term. Day-to-day customer work means not only providing technical solutions but also it is much more about being closely involved with routine service requirements. We have recently set up our IoT platform to support our daily work with bakeries. Our mission is to make our customers happy, and we need to ensure we invest in additional customer touchpoints to do this effectively.
One of our newest developments to support R&D is our DIOlab, a technological center being built here at our Osnabrück headquarters. It is aimed at providing a platform for technological R&D, to develop together with our customers the products of tomorrow.