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bbi-2022-06-Next in line

Low moisture, long shelf-life, diverse sizes and shapes – crackers and cookies are a segment filled with opportunity. Their characteristics also dictate process improvements and how equipment can support optimization.

Every step of the manufacturing process contributes to perfecting production. For crackers, techniques can range from working with straight, dual-sheeted or laminated dough. Baking is then key to finding the perfect balance between reaching adequate moisture content, the right color and a stable product that will reach the consumer intact. The automated cracker line developed by Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) can process fermented and unfermented cracker dough, biscuit dough and other products. The company recently completed a redesign of their sheeting system, focusing on a modular design, so it can be built starting from a base machine model, onto which functional upgrades can be implemented, according to specific plant operational needs. In this way, the system can receive add-on features and upgrades after installation, to adapt to production changes.