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Dawn Foods launches new fat-based fillings
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Dawn Foods launched new, cocoa and fat-based fillings under its Delicream range, suitable to use for a wide range of bakery products, including croissants, muffins and cookies. With chocolate undisputed reign among consumer favorites, the company developed these ready-to-use fillings to meet the demand for the flavor in many types of baked (or unbaked) products. Their formulation contains no water as they are designed to work in fresh as well as long shelf-life bakery goods. “Only non-hydrogenated fat is being used for our new fillings, as is the same for the whole Delicream range,” Dawn Foods highlighted.

The Delicream range includes:

  • Cocoa bake: very bake-stable, with cocoa taste; it can be used in several baked goods, including croissants and filled cookies.
  • Cocoa and caramel bake: very bake-stable, contains sunflower seed paste; can be used for croissants, filled cookies, etc.
  • Cocoa bake with shea butter: very bake-stable, with cocoa flavor. Can be used for several applications including croissants, filled cookies, etc.
  • Nut bake: bake-stable, made with nonhydrogenated fats/RSPO palm oil.
  • Hazelnut and cocoa: to be used after baking, particularly suited for muffins.

“Our recent editions of cocoa and fat-based fillings to our Delicream-range are great fillings that are designed to work in fresh and bakery products with a longer shelf life, all made with only non-hydrogenated fat,” Dawn Foods explained for Baking + Biscuit International.