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Handtmann brings wide range of solutions to iba

On a 360 sqm stand, Handtmann will stage demonstrations for a wide range of production methods for the processing of dough and many other fluid, viscous, firm, or chunky products. The systems used in the process will be exhibited in different versions suitable for artisan small-scale producers and start-ups as well as medium-scale producers or industrial enterprises. All systems are interface-capable and can be integrated even into complex line solutions.  

Handtmann experts will demonstrate the production processes of dough dividing, dosing, forming and extruding at the trade fair stand, complemented by digitalization and automation solutions.

Industrial dividing

Industrial dough dividing will be highlighted with equipment including a VF 842 portioning machine, the SE 442-1 cutting unit and a WS 910 advanced weighing system. The Handtmann WS 910 advanced weighing system is optimally suited for weight checking and control in baked goods production. Continuous communication between the weighing system and the VF 800 portioning machine ensures precise, dynamic weight control and permanent process monitoring.

Dough dividing, forming and depositing in a single step will be demonstrated using a FS 520 forming system and a VF 830 portioning machine. A wide variety of product shapes can be produced. Small baked goods from soft and pre-proofed dough can be deposited directly onto baguette trays or onto trays/peel boards after dividing and forming. As an option, this process solution can be supplemented with additional modules, such as a flour duster for the dusting of portioned dough pieces.

Dough forming

The system solution of VF 828 portioning machine and FS 510 forming system allows for the production of a wide range of snacks from the most diverse products (ex: all kinds of bars, bread chips, vegetable sticks, crackers, chin-chin, pão de queijo, etc.).

The industrial dosing of a wide range of products from fluid and pasty to viscous or even chunky will be demonstrated on the VF 820 with DS 552 depositing system.

Dough sheeting

For sheeting, visitors to the trade fair can expect a VF 808 S portioning machine with a sheeting nozzle. It allows the extrusion of a wide range of dough, the most diverse products, pastes and dough sheets, as well as the extrusion of fats as endless sheets or onto dough sheets. In the area of co-extrusion, Handtmann also offers the simultaneous dosing of multiple products, for example, for filled dough rolls or layered snacks.

Other exhibits on the trade fair stand focus on the topics of automatic cake production, hygiene accessories such as a new pre-clean nozzle for dry production environments and more. The Handtmann Inotec portfolio presented comprises mixing, grinding and emulsifying system technology, including cooking or cooling, for product preparation.

Main picture: FS 520 dough dividing and forming system

Credit: Handtmann