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bbi-2023-04-The product is the measure of things
f2m-bbi-23-04-portioning, forming, dosing-vemag center

Every gram counts. This is especially true when raw materials become more expensive or even scarce. VEMAG takes weight accuracy very seriously with its portioning technology. The machine manufacturer also sets the bar high in terms of product quality and flexibility.

By Helga Baumfalk

 With systems and machines that perform tasks such as portioning, forming and dosing, VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH is represented in many sectors of food production. The spectrum ranges from butcheries and dairies, the production of snacks/protein bars, confectionery, or plant-based products to pet food and, of course, bakeries.
“Passion for products – that describes us pretty aptly,” explains Managing Director Christoph Thelen. “By that, we don’t mean our products, but those of our customers. Orientation to the end product has always been important to us. In recent years, we’ve further expanded our focus on the respective industries and aligned our development accordingly with our own teams of specialists.”