20 Feb: Sustainable baking: flatbreads

Flatbreads contribute significantly to the sustainability of food systems. They can be made from various cereals, pseudocereals, or pulses, promoting the use of local produce from marginal lands. Their short baking times, which can even eliminate the need for an oven, reduce energy consumption. Additionally, their ability to wrap around food or serve as utensils lessens the need for tableware and saves water.


01 Nov: Simple diet changes can cut carbon emissions and improve health

Carbon emissions can be significantly lowered by replacing chicken with beef, and plant milk with cow’s milk, new research finds – which also means a healthier diet. According to a new study co-authored by a Tulane University researcher and published in the journal Nature Food, making such simple substitutions could reduce the average American’s carbon footprint from food by 35%, while also boosting diet quality by between 4-10%.