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baking+biscuit issue 2022-02
In the spotlight

Brice-Audren Riché began his role as Lesaffre’s CEO on January 1, 2022. He shared with us his perspective on managing a company the stature of Lesaffre, his thoughts on current disruptions, and the fundamentals of innovation and conducting business going forward.


As a family-owned company and leading manufacturer in ingredients,
backaldrin understands its responsibility in doing business is key to long-term success. This means sustainability in all areas of work for the Austrian producer.


Automated continuous mixing delivers real-time process assessment and consistency round the clock.

Artisan quality is the goal for bakeries of all shapes and sizes. Deck ovens are at the forefront of achieving this, while also optimizing the process for energy efficiency.

From the reception of ingredients to their storage, handling and recipe management, precise tracking of the raw materials going into formulations is best kept automatically, to ensure process accuracy.


The concept of a fully-automated bakery that can run itself independently, the smart baking factory, is one that will deliver high-quality goods adjusting processes to do so, without missing a beat. The key to achieving this is collecting the right data and utilizing this information to connect and synchronize equipment. This is AMF’s vision for ‘lights-out’ bakeries.

The trend for artisan quality brings forth a wealth of delightful, premium breads and baguettes, with texture and flavor characteristics nothing short of magic. It takes exact science and technology to perfect the process, however. Dedicated lines preserve the tradition of the technique with increased process efficiency.

Fritsch has just launched a new compact bread line, the PROGRESSA bread, dedicated to baking artisan-quality breads in mid-sized operations.


Tyrolean family business MPREIS is taking technology innovation personally. Its bakery in Innsbruck, Therese Mölk, is a state-of-the-art facility that continuously adds the latest improvements to optimize efficiency in production.


Sourdough is established as a growing, enduring trend. It is successfully transitioning from its staple applications in bread to innovation in other product ranges, savory and sweet.


In business for 115 years, cookie and bar manufacturer Leclerc Foods has been expanding and modernizing its manufacturing capabilities. The acquisition of two bar systems, each with two packaging legs, was part of this project.


Bakery chains are expanding at a fast pace across Europe, with Germany in the lead. While traditional chains are the steadfast dominant presence in this segment, coffee shops, sandwich chains and other business models are also on the rise, with inviting alternatives.


This spring, Aart-Jan Hartman, Chief Commercial Officer, celebrates 25 years with Royal Kaak. Here is a glimpse into building a successful concept of vertical integration, the silver lining for better value offerings for the company’s markets, and the concepts around which Kaak builds its strategy.


Improving the profiles of baked goods benefits from gaining a deeper understanding of all the process steps and reactions behind them. Combining functional and molecular flour analytics will establish a comprehensive picture of the grain, and help to achieve better baking results.