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bbi-2022-03-The sky is the limit

Unique eating experiences are a defining characteristic of snacking; they are especially expected when the choices are cakes and pastries. Corresponding production lines are designed to follow suit. AMF Bakery Systems customizes its equipment to match the need for product diversity, in any market segment, from fresh, to frozen or bake-off, to cover all (present and future) bases. Process efficiency is at the core.

 For the production of cakes and pies, AMF Bakery Systems provides a modular system developed by AMF Tromp, which includes an AMF Den Boer tunnel oven. In this structure, automated lines can be customized for various needs and capacities, having in mind current and future throughput needs. A variety of products in these categories can be manufactured with dedicated lines developed by companies within the AMF Bakery Systems family, from fruit cakes to muffins and meat pies – to name a few widely different flavors and textures.