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baking+biscuit issue 2022-06

What started as a farmers’ market stall for vegan donuts in 2015 is now a company with its own bakery and six stores in the German capital Berlin and a location in Hamburg – so far, because Brammibal’s has plans to grow further.


Ensuring the correct proofing conditions and timings is a key step in dough development. For heavy-duty processing with consistent results, various technologies of industrial proofers accommodate the needs of the dough and the plant itself.

A game-changer in the baking process. Vacuum cooling and baking is recognized for its benefits, not just in processing speed, but also in stable results for delicate products. Vacuum cooling specialist Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family recently developed three new systems to handle the process.


Middleby Corporation partnered with Vyv to provide baking equipment that comes equipped with antimicrobial LED technology, a continuous hygiene solution based on UV-free, visible light that safely offers protection against bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, yeasts and other microorganisms.

With the ‘Siegling Fullsan’ product range, Forbo Movement Systems has launched new homogeneous conveyor and processing belts made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) particularly for hygiene-sensitive applications.

Trays, pans, molds

One product, infinite possibilities: cakes come in all shapes and sizes, with unique concepts to mark memorable events or casual experiences. To create the cake that will stand out, the tray is the limit.

Cookies, crackers

Low moisture, long shelf-life, diverse sizes and shapes – crackers and cookies are a segment filled with opportunity. Their characteristics also dictate process improvements and how equipment can support optimization.


Sourdoughs are much more than just an ingredient. “They are an entire system of biotechnology,” explains Dr. Georg Böcker, Managing Director of Ernst BÖCKER GmbH & Co. KG, in an interview with baking+biscuit international.


After putting consumer resilience and adaptability to a test in 2021, access and action are driving worldwide trends this year. Euromonitor International analyzes market sizes, with historical and forecast data, and
finds consumers favor their cakes: this product segment is set to record the biggest year-on-year growth – 5% between 2021 and 2022.

New ingredients

Dawn Foods launched a patent-pending glaze that strictly sticks with donuts, and never with the packaging or fingers. It also increases shelf life by up to five days and is freeze/thaw stable.

Soaring egg prices are causing industrial cake manufacturers to rethink their choice of emulsifier.
Palsgaard® SA products aim at both reducing costs and achieving consistently high performance.

As health-conscious consumers pay close attention to the nutrition factsheets and make educated purchasing choices, products with added fibers are popular choices in the bakery aisle.


Working to repurpose product waste, Van de Weijer Drogerij dries products on its self-made lines. To do so sustainably, it begins by separating food products from packaging.


Ensuring constant results from the fermentation process is largely dependent on considering the challenges of working with a living product. Artificial intelligence provides promising opportunities in the flexible management of the process.

There is more to a clean label than the sum of its components. Certain expectations from the technology used in the production of baked of baked goods are associated with this claim.